So I was comparing this swaging tool with another similar tool on Amazon. Both look very much to be the same. However, this one is more expensive. Why? Well this one comes with grade 8 bolts to tighten down so they don’t shear off. This one also is using standard gauge bolts (not metric) and is pre-lubed. I didn’t want to fuss with changing the bolts out and lubing it.

First, you’ll want to put the lower part of the tool into a vise. If you don’t, it’s going to be tough to hold the tool, cable and sleeve to tighten the bolts down. Then you’ll want to use a breaker bar and an impact socket to tighten down the bolts as it makes it so much easier. I was able to swage 1/4″ sleeves (3 times each) in about 10 minutes (pretty quick).

The real reason you are getting this tool instead of a full blown swaging hand tool is cost. Those large hand tools are hundreds of dollars….and not necessary unless you are doing a bunch of swaging…which I wasn’t.

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